Happy Monday Message!

Good morning Monday!🎉☀🌻🌞🙌🌟💛

It may be raining outside, but it’s always Sunny 🌞at Shore Chiropractic.  Because it’s what we emulate from the inside/out, not outside/in. And our spirit is always light and love, only covered by darkness, either we create, or that poisons us from the unfortunate toxicity of the world.  So we have to make sure that we obliterate the darkness by allowing the love and light to shine through.  By getting adjusted, clearing the pathways that allow the light to express.  Having positive thoughts and attitude.  Seeing the perfection in ourselves and others.  Taking care of our body, our temple that houses our soul.  Being around people that love you and empower you to be better. The light and love is who we are. The darkness is powerful but made up, created by man.  Let’s let the essence of who we are wipe the darkness away.  Let’s see ourselves and the people in our lives as light and love, and empower them, through the adjustment and our love, to shed their darkness too.🙌💖🙏


Happy New Year!

With love from ADIO, Dr. Marilyn