The Doctor Within

The doctor within

As we know, but do we really know in our gut who the real doctor is?  Do we own that the power that made us can heal us?  We were created from 2 cells that multiply and multiply to become you in 9 months, whether IQ of 20 or 220.  With no interference from the outside in, 9 months later a perfect little baby will be born 99.9% of the time.  The more fear, the more stress, the more tests, the more interference, the more problems.  This body of ours was created to be self healing, self generating, self growing, self defending.  We have been programmed that we have to fix things the minute we have symptoms. But part of the healing and protective  process are those symptoms.  The body always trying to bring you back to balance and a healthy you.  Time!  Healing takes time! With patience and love, seeing yourself healed, even through the sometimes massive challenges, the doctor within, the innate within will heal you🙏👏🥰