This past week I went to my quarterly gathering in Atlanta to attend DE.  What is DE? It means Dynamic Essentials, which means, “becoming aware, humble and obedient to the voice within.  This makes you Dynamic, and That is essential”. I’ve been attending DE on a regular basis since 1994, and have gone every 3 months, maybe missing one or two for about the last 12 years.  Why do I go? This is a group of a few hundred principled Chiropractors, some who bring their staff, and families too.  They go to immerse themselves in the above, down, inside out principles, to be around like minded people, to empower each other to be better lovers, servers and givers.  To help each other serve more people, to empty ourselves of any anger, judgements, or ego based opinions, to have better family relationships and so much more.   It’s a time to let go and let God, and let innate take charge. ( this should be all the time😊).  I go to get empty, fill up with love, then come back and give the love away.  And yes, I get so much in return.

By the way, my heart is filled up with love.  And ready to give some away.  Come on by and get that perfect,  life giving adjustment!💖


Blessings and love, Dr Marilyn