I remember that movie “Powder” where he got struck by lightening, and he became a spiritual power. This is inspired by all the lightening we had last night.  Electricity pouring through the universe to give life to all things, including us.  In its apparent chaos, order.  The electricity in our body, powered from universal intelligence, to our brain, our brain coordinating the distribution of electricity to our body all the time wherever it is needed, 640 trillion impulses per second, to give us life.  Too much of it, lightening, can kill us, too little of it,  nerve interference, can kill us.  I as a Chiropractor am not in charge of how many impulses or electricity is distributed to the body.  Innate is in charge of that. But I am in charge of any interference that may block the coordination of life flow from the brain to the body via the spinal cord and nerves. That’s what a Chiropractor does. Removes nerve interference by adjusting the spine, allowing the nerve energy to heal you from inside out.  And I am a Chiropractor and that’s what I do.


ADIO, Dr Marilyn