A Love Note

So many see Chiropractors as healers of musculoskeletal pain, especially back and neck pain. But the truth is, we are not back pain doctors!  We happen to adjust the spine, with the purpose of making sure your nerve system is working as close to perfect as possible.  Since your nerve system controls everything,  if there is any interference that blocks its full expressIon, you cannot be as healthy as possible.  This nerve interference is caused by a Subluxation.  Chiropractors correct Subluxations.  Whether during this time, or any time for that matter, it’s important to focus on staying healthy from the inside/out, getting and staying Subluxation free.  Like when a car is tuned up and aligned, it runs better.  The same with you. When you are aligned, Subluxation free, nerve interference free, you run better too.  You function at a higher level, fight off disease better, have greater immune potential. This goes for the very young to the elderly. Then you have confidence to know that whatever is going on in the environment, you are strong and can deal with it.  Living in fear, creates dis-ease in the mind which then can manifest as disease. But when you live in faith and do the things to keep you strong and healthy, like getting regular Chiropractic adjustments, eating well, moving your body, and as above, trusting in your innate  healing power, you express greater Life and certainly have greater Peace.

With love, and here to serve from ADIO, Dr. Marilyn