A Matter of the Heart

A Matter of the Heart?  

As some of you know, my hobby is tennis.  I play a few times per week and am on a local league.  Last week I was playing with a team member, and she stopped me to ask me a professional question.  This happens on a frequent basis with many of the players.  She asked me if there was anything natural that she could take for bradycardia, which means slow heart rate.  I answered, whether natural or unnatural, the question is, why do you have a slow heart rate in the first place?  After multiple questions about her history, including the medications she’s taking, we figured out that her slow heart-rate began shortly after starting her cholesterol medication.  She told me that her doctor prescribed it for her, but never made the association, and she just listens to whatever her doctor tells her. 

I related to her, and this is for everyone, we must be our own health advocates, not put our blinders on, and cross our fingers that whatever is prescribed to us will work. Medicine is the #3 cause of DEATH in the United States.  That’s pretty frightening and should be reason enough to investigate what we are putting in our bodies.  We have become so dependent as a society to look for healing answers from the outside, instead of utilizing what God gave us innately to heal us from the inside/out.  Getting and staying Subluxation free, thus nerve interference free

From the HEART with LOVE, Dr. Marilyn