The Flu and You

I had one of my patients come into the office recently, with a mild fever.  She was, of course, not in a very cheerful mood, but came in to get adjusted. Not because she had back or neck pain, but because she thought it would help her to heal more effectively.  So called “flu season” is coming upon us.  The media starts going crazy promoting the flu vaccine, but maybe the important thing is to start pumping up your immune system instead of pumping in foreign chemicals that may cause serious adverse reactions.  We think the answer comes from outside/in, but the truth is, is that healing can only come from inside/out.  Many people who get the vaccine actually get the flu anyway.  In a 2013 report by the Department of Justice, the flu vaccine was noted as the most dangerous vaccine based on settled cases for injuries. The most prevalent injury being Guillain Barre Syndrome.  So why do we depend on outside sources, when we have an entire natural pharmacy inside of us working 24/7 attempting to keep us healthy? Even when we do get a virus, and we get all these symptoms, though they feel terrible, they are trying to destroy the invader. It’s the bodies innate intelligence that knows what to do to heal you.  In our office we have the expression, “the body needs no help, just no interference.” What that means is that if you are clear of nerve interference, and your spine is in alignment, then your body has the best opportunity to fight off disease. If your spine is out of alignment, subluxated, you have nerve interference, which puts you in a state of dis-ease, which may lead to a weakened immune system, getting sick frequently and an overall lowered state of health. Subluxations of the spine can happen as early as birth, so it is so important to get your spine checked by a Chiropractor from the beginning. It’s a different concept for most, but one that works and is powerful. I wish you a happy, healthy holiday season, and make sure you and your families get Subluxation free to empower all of you to be as healthy as possible.  

ADIO, Dr. Marilyn