Back to School

It’s, October, the beginning of the new school year. I go into any store and see a variety of backpacks in assorted colors and mostly very large, to store all the extremely heavy books, assorted notebooks, computers, cell phones, etc. all necessary, and to be lugged around on one shoulder or the other, and occasionally on both.  Most kids lean so far forward, because if they didn’t, they’d probably fall backwards!  I went through this with my daughter. Until technology completely takes over and you only need a tablet, it’s imperative that steps are taken to assure good posture, and minimal strain on the spine and thus nervous system.  A heavy backpack is a repetitive trauma on the spine.  All kinds of trauma, whether physical, chemical or emotional, all can effect spinal health.  The reason why it’s so important to get and keep your spine in alignment is that when it’s not, it can severely effect the central nervous system.  People relate the spine to just back pain, but the nerves that come out between the vertebra of the spine go to all the organs, tissues and cells of the body.  If there is any pressure on these nerves, there is too much or too little nerve flow,  a subtle or large short circuitry can occur, causing imbalance to occur, dis-ease in the body and eventually disease.  Thus when children come into the office or anyone for that matter, I not only check their posture, but all the vertebra for misalignments.  Most people, including children have these misalignments.  Imagine not brushing your teeth or having them cleaned for the first 30 or more years of your life? What would your teeth look like?  Probably rotten or have lots of cavities.  But because we can’t see the spine, we assume all is ok, especially if we don’t feel it.  Often you can’t feel a cavity, or even cancer, but you wouldn’t think of not taking action to hopefully correct the problem.  By correcting these spinal misalignments and releasing the pressure on the nerves, life can flow again to start healing you from the inside out, naturally.  Recently a patient came in for mid back pain, and his hearing dramatically improved! He didn’t even tell me he had a hearing problem, but when nerve pressure was released, his hearing could function better.  

So reduce stress on your children’s spine by lightening that pack, and make sure to get their spine checked for misalignments.  That’s what a chiropractor does.  It could not only save their backs, but their lives!

Have the best day ever! ADIO, Dr. Marilyn