The storm is over outside, but what about the storm going on inside?

We just got through Hurricane Irma. We thankfully avoided a potentially major catastrophe with very little major damage.  Trees down and power outages. And with the temperature in the 90’s, it’s almost impossible to stay home. But while we are all focused on what’s going on outside, what about what’s going on inside.  People have gotten severely “stressed out” preparing for the storm, trying to find supplies, standing on long lines, waiting hours to get gas, many traveling to other states, dealing with traffic, dealing with kids, WOW! Now, most are back, but not all, many still without power. Schools closed.

Many haven’t worked for close to 2 weeks. So many stresses continue. So now, not only do we have to clean up the outside stuff, we have to tap in and clean up the inside stuff. The insidious inside stresses can hurt you physically, emotionally and mentally.  So, take a deep breath, slow down for a minute, and look at your possibility, instead of all the tasks that may seem impossible right now.  Maybe meditations right for you, or a run or exercise. Listen to your innate, your inner wisdom, have faith in the power that made you to heal you.  Get adjusted! It reconnects you to your source, so you have better potential to heal and make the right, wise decisions for yourself. You were placed here to make a difference, but you must be clear, healthy, whole and complete form the inside out, before you can truly help others