What Can Chiropractic Cure

What can Chiropractic Cure?

You see all kinds of advertisements on TV, magazines, in all kinds of media stating that a particular medication or therapy can cure asthma, depression, back pain, acid reflux, to name a few.  And people are always looking for that magic pill that will “cure” all their illness’s. After being a nurse and a Chiropractor now for almost 30 years, it was clear to me then and clear to me now that nobody can cure you, except you!  People ask me all the time, can you cure ear infections, allergies, headaches, hypertension, etc. and my answer is always this, No, I don’t’ cure anything, but when I adjust you, thus removing nerve interference that’s blocking your body from healing, many of the above symptoms subside or even completely disappear. Since your nerve system controls and coordinates all functions of your body including your heart, your eyes, your muscles, everything, then if it’s free to serve all parts of you, then your body has the best opportunity to heal itself.  Just last week, I had a patient tell me that when she’s adjusted regularly, her thyroid function improves.  Another, her blood pressure has been lowered and she is medication free!  Again, I don’t fix those things, but I do open up the channels, so your body can. Amazing!  Isn’t it!
Thanks for listening!
ADIO, Dr. Marilyn