We all see that as a positive word. A strong, solid, tough word. We all feel that we want to be able to do things on our own, strive for personal best and then we get the glory from ourselves and from others. I have always been an independent person and thinker, and have valued that highly. But at this moment, I am in the question if that is all that. What comes to my vision now and what I see as MOST important is relationships. My relationship to God, my family, my family of Chiropractors, including my amazing Chiropractic assistant, my friends, my patients, who I am not there to control, but to give and receive love. My cleaning person, handyman, my tennis partners, etc. All these relationships have me surrender, be vulnerable, have others take charge and allow a ying/yang of dependence on each other. To have a beautiful life means one rich with others that can share in each other’s glories, because yours is there’s too.

If we see independence as freedom from oppression, control, to express fully and openly who we are and what we can contribute to the world, then yeah! But we must hold the hands of others that share in that vision where we can empower each other and lift each other up and connect through God. That dependence is the only way to achieve freedom.

Happy Independence? Day!