Mother’s Day

Mothers Day!!!

This week we celebrate Mothers Day. The feminine, the nurturer, the multitasker, the life giver and so much more. I have many moms in my office, pregnant ones, new moms, ones with just 1 child, and others with many children, and lots of grandmoms. I observe a mother nursing her baby and I am in awe of the intelligence we have inside of us to create a baby from a sperm and an egg in 9 months and then produce milk that has all the right nutrients, the right antibodies, is the right temperature and comes out in just the right amount each and every feeding. Why then do we think we can do a better job from outside in, when we have everything we need already in perfection?

We were created to be self healing organisms with all the right parts working in harmony and coordination. We have a full pharmacy inside of us already that knows where to go at the right time to the right place. There’s a saying we have in Chiropractic. The body needs no help, just no interference. Since all the function of your body is controlled by the central nerve system, if you have free flow of nerve energy from the brain to all the organs, tissues and cells of the body, you should have 100% health. If you have nerve interference blocking the complete expression of nerve flow and thus life, you will have a lowered state of health and thus less life. Think of it like a kink in a hose, not able to completely water the grass and plants. You will have weak, scrawny plants or even dead ones.

In Chiropractic, we evaluate the spine to see if any of the vertebra are putting pressure on the central nervous system, thus blocking life flow. You do not have to have pain to have nerve interference. In fact vertebral misalignments can happen as early as the birth process! You don’t hear about many babies or children complaining of back pain, but they may have nerve interference effecting their immune system, their healing ability, and more. So many children have frequent ear infections, allergies, Asthma, ADD, all which respond well to Chiropractic adjustments. Not that we fix those things, but when the nerve interference is removed, the body wants to heal from the inside out.

I’m a Mom too, and my daughter, now almost 23 has been adjusted since birth and has never been medicated, because I know that if she stays clear of nerve interference the power that made her will heal her.
I love being a mom and taking care of other moms and their families. I celebrate you and wish you a love filled Mother’s Day.


Dr. Marilyn