Allergies or Not

Allergies or Not

I’ve now been living in Delray Beach for almost 12 years, and although my northern friends told me there are no seasons and it’s the same all year, experience now has told me different. I would have to say March is my favorite month of the year. The weather is perfect, and it seems there are so many flowers and trees in bloom. Maybe our version of spring. But with spring and flowers comes pollen. Many people from children to the elderly suffer from allergies to all the consequences of a beautiful spring. So why do so many people have allergies and others don’t? And what’s a solution besides taking medication, which may give temporary relief, but often has harmful effects, including increased appetite, depression, anxiety, fatigue, infertility and decreased growth in children, and on top of that, never gets to the root cause?

The one common denominator that all of us have is that we’re human and that generally the people who take care of themselves have fewer health issues.

We all know that it’s important to eat well, exercise and have a positive attitude. What most people don’t know is how important it is to have a clear, free flowing nervous system. By continually medicating your allergy symptoms, you not only are masking the problem, but short circuiting your nerve system more.

If your engine light came on in your car, you would think its ridiculous to put black paint on it so you wouldn’t see it.
So how do you get a clear nerve system and what does that have to do with allergies? Chiropractors are specialists in the nervous system. If vertebra in the spine are slightly out of alignment, it can create enough nerve interference that your body doesn’t function correctly. If you can imagine a kink in a hose partially blocking the passage of water, and thus you do not have healthy plants, imagine nerves being partially blocked in your spine not allowing proper nerve energy flow. You don’t function as well, your immune system is not as strong, your energy level is decreased, and you are more prone to sickness and disease. So if a certain area of the spine is out of alignment, you may not be able to adapt to the pollens, etc in the environment and you react with the label called allergies.

Everybody, including children should be checked by a Chiropractor for nerve interference. Misalignments of the spine can occur very young, even at birth. By keeping your spine tuned up, you may not only see your allergies improve but your life improve too.